Seller's Guide


Selling your home is a big financial and emotional decision. As an experienced professional, Mary Toboni will guide you through the process to make sure you feel comfortable every step of the way. Mary takes the time to discuss your unique needs and goals and will present you with a customized marketing plan that outlines the best way to generate awareness of your home.

Mary partners with you from day one, and will report to you regularly.  Her promise and commitment to you is to insure direction, provide extraordinary service, innovative marketing, international reach, and local expertise. With these qualities, Mary will promote your listing to the widest possible buyer audience through web marketing, print marketing, open houses and networking to attract the largest pool of potential buyers.


When deciding to sell your home, Mary will schedule a time to visit the property for a visual inspection and to present you with a complimentary customized comparative market analysis, also known as a CMA.

A CMA includes the following:

  • Personalized letter

  • Detailed Property Description

  • Comparative Analysis of properties that are 'For Sale,' 'Pending,' and recently 'Sold'

  • Marketing Plan

  • Pricing Recomendations



Christie's International Real Estate is the world's largest international network of real estate professionals in the marketing of luxury properties. Pacific Union Is an exclusive affiliate of Christie's International Real Estate. Admittance to the network is by invitation-only to companies with proven records of success in high-value home sales. With this highly regarded affiliation, your home will be seen by more international buyers than any other luxury site and featured in renowned media outlets. Pacific UnIon and Christie's Real Estate International will set your home apart from the competition.



Setting the right price before you list your home is criticial to getting the most for your home. Mary will provide you with the knowledge and insight to understand the current market conditons and set the right price. Pricing your home at fair market value increases the number of showings, sells your home faster and realizes the highest possible sales price. It is Mary's promise to provide excellent client service and commitment.

With the sale of your property, capturing the attention of the initial wave of buyers is the key to maximizing results. After the first wave passes, the number of showings and the strength of potential offers often decline as every week passes. Mary will help you catch the wave of interest, by taking these key steps:

  • Prepare your home for sale with the target buyer in mind

  • Price your home according to current maket conditions

  • Tell a story by capturing your property with high quality professional photography and staging



First impressions are everything. As you prepare to sell your home, improvements can help persuade the right buyer and maximize results. This will help show your property at its highest potential. Whether it be staging, fresh paint, or minor repairs that need to be ammended, these steps will help make your home appeal to a broader audience.

Considering which "pre-sale" inspections are appropriate for your property, as well as reviewing and completing all disclosures so they are readily available to the buyer.

Taking these steps, have been proven to sell properties faster and increase the sales price!



Each marketing plan is carefully tailored to each individual residence. It is built around highly effective advertising and interactive marketing campaigns that precisely trarget critical audiences. Once the listing agreement is signed, Mary will go over the best and most effective ways to market your property. She keeps in mind ideas to attract the right buyers for your home whether they are local or international.

Through marketing campaigns, print and web marketing, as well as networking, Mary will create exclusive programs for your listings and use proven marketing strategies to promote and sell your property to targeted buyers. Mary is never a secret agent!


  • Agent walk-through, inspect, advise on improvements, evaluate market conditions

  • Make market timing recommendations

  • Arrange any necessary presale inspections with qualified inspectors

  • Stage, Paint and Photography

  • Schedule top agent property visits and review pricing recommendations

  • Review and complete disclosure package

  • Send out all marketing materials, advertise in publications and website, develop and launch property website

  • Host Broker's Open House

  • Conduct Sunday Open Houses at Seller's request

  • Tour qualified buyers through the property

  • Encourage, receive and negotiate offers

  • Manage purchase and sales agreements

  • Manage all aspects of contingencies

  • Close Escrow



When offers come in, Mary will skillfully negotiate on your behalf with full knowledge of all activity associated with your property. This is to secure the best price and quickest closing. Working with you closely, Mary will help bring the sale to a successful conclusion by assisting you in navigating all the details of transfer of ownership.



Once your offer has been accepted, both the buyer and the seller are now in contract and escrow is opened.


Escrow is the process by which the interests of all parties in a real estate transaction are protected, ensuring that all conditions of the sale have been met before property and money change minds. Escrow is an independent depository wherein all funds, instructions and documents for the purchase of your home are held, including your down payment, your lender's funds, documents for the new loan, hazard and title insurance, inspection reports and the grant deed from the seller. At the close of escrow, the escrow officer delivers these items to the appropriate parties, dispursese the funds and handles the associated paperwork.



  • Real Estate Commission

  • Document preparation fee and transfer tax

  • Documentary transfer tax

  • City transfer tax

  • Loan payoff

  • Interest accrued to lender being paid off, statement fees, reconveyance fees and any prepayment penalties

  • Any judgments, tax liens, etc., against the seller

  • Recording charges to clear all documents of record against seller

  • Tax pro-ration (for any unpaid taxes)

  • Any unpaid Homeowner’s dues

  • Any and all delinquent taxes

  • Notary fees

  • Any bonds or assessments (according to contract)

  • Energy/Water Compliance Inspection



Now that escrow has closed, now it's time to move! Here are some resources to help make your transition as easy as possible.


  • PG&E: (800) 743-5000


  • AT&T: (800) 310-2355
  • COMCAST: (800) 436-1999
  • DIRECTV: (800) 238-7177


  • GOLDEN GATE DISPOSAL: (415) 626-4000
  • SUNSET SCAVENGER: (415) 330-1300


  • ADT: (800) 238-2727
  • BAY ALARM: (800) 610-1000