Marketing Plan


Each marketing plan is carefully tailored to each individual residence. It is built around highly effective advertising and interactive marketing campaigns that precisely trarget critical audiences. Once the listing agreement is signed, Mary will go over the best and most effective ways to market your property. She keeps in mind ideas to attract the right buyers for your home whether they are local or international.

Through marketing campaigns, print and web marketing, as well as networking, Mary will create exclusive programs for your listings and use proven marketing strategies to promote and sell your property to targeted buyers. Mary is never a secret agent!


  • Agent walk-through, inspect, advise on improvements, evaluate market conditions

  • Make market timing recommendations

  • Arrange any necessary presale inspections with qualified inspectors

  • Stage, Paint and Photography

  • Schedule top agent property visits and review pricing recommendations

  • Review and complete disclosure package

  • Send out all marketing materials, advertise in publications and website, develop and launch property website

  • Host Broker's Open House

  • Conduct Sunday Open Houses at Seller's request

  • Tour qualified buyers through the property

  • Encourage, receive and negotiate offers

  • Manage purchase and sales agreements

  • Manage all aspects of contingencies

  • Close Escrow